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Filtering startup news with Machine Learning

Analyzing startup news — part 1

On this new post series, we will analyze hundreds of thousands of articles from TechCrunch, VentureBeat and Recode to discover cool trends and insights about startups.

What are the hottest industries for startups right now?
Do machine learning startups get more press than fintech startups?
What is the startup segment with most acquisitions?

These are the […]

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Introducing Google Sheets add-on for MonkeyLearn

Today, we’re excited to announce our brand new integration with Google Sheets!

Doing things with machine learning often feels like having superpowers. You can find out what people think about the different candidates on a major presidential election, analyze millions of hotel reviews to find out that London hotels have the worst food and […]

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Analyzing the conversation during the US Election Day

Donald Trump has been elected 45th president of the United States of America and the surprising outcome has been reflected on the conversation on social media.

We recently released a simple tool called Tarsier that uses machine learning to analyze the conversation around the US elections […]

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New Languages, teams and analyzing data with Excel & CSV files

Exciting news – we have finished integrating Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic native support within MonkeyLearn. Now you can train and consume machine learning models for text analysis in these new languages.

You can select any of these new languages within the creation wizard of a MonkeyLearn module […]

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MonkeyLearn integration with Scrapinghub!

Crawling the web for huge amounts of data is a hard task. You have to deal with a wide range of problems such as extracting specific content from the sites you’re crawling, retrieving new links to follow, storing the data, avoiding getting blocked, and more.

Making sense of all the retrieved data it’s also damn hard. Let’s […]

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Making it easier to build text classifiers on MonkeyLearn

Our product team priority is to ensure that MonkeyLearn provides the best tools for creating texts classifiers and make the process as easy as possible. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the new features and improvements we’ve recently released:

Explore and fork public classifiers
Now you can explore the public classifiers created by the MonkeyLearn community. You can check out […]

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New Sentence Extractor

Good news, everyone! We’ve just released a new extractor: Sentence Extractor. This new module allows to separate a text into its sentences. In other words, you can process things like reviews or news articles and get an array of the sentences. […]

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Documentation and community manifesto

We believe that documentation is one of the most critical assets that a developer-focused product can create.

A clear and well-written documentation makes it easy for developers to understand an API. A thoughtful documentation makes it faster to get answers to questions. And a robust documentation saves developers huge amounts of time.

We feel that superb […]

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New Keyword Extractor: smarter and more flexible

We are excited to announce that we have made several improvements to our Keyword Extractor. You can try it for free here, you just need a MonkeyLearn account.

This module extracts keywords from text in English. Keywords can be compounded by one or more words and are defined as the important topics in your content and can be used to index […]

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New modules: Product Sentiment Analysis & Extractors

We are excited to announce some new cool public modules for MonkeyLearn: product sentiment analysis, keywords extraction and entity extraction. These modules are pre-trained by the MonkeyLearn team and ready to use modules by developers on their apps and platforms.

You can try these modules by login on your MonkeyLearn account and going to your dashboard.
Product […]

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