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Know your followers with Machine Learning

Tell me who your followers are and I tell you who you are.

You have lots of followers, congrats! You’re popular, maybe an influencer. But, do you actually know who’s following you?

If you have thousands of followers, that could be a tricky question to answer. Let’s use Machine Learning to try to answer that question.

MonkeyLearn’s Twitter […]

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Analyzing #first7jobs tweets with MonkeyLearn and R

Contributed by Maëlle Salmon, creator and maintainer of MonkeyLearn R package.

Have you tweeted about your #firstsevenjobs? I did!

#firstsevenjob and #first7jobs tweets initial goal was to provide a short description of the 7 first activities people were paid for. It was quite fun to read them in my timeline! Of course the hashtag was also used […]

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Machine Learning over 1M hotel reviews finds interesting insights

Analyzing hotel reviews — Part 3

On a previous post we learned how to train a machine learning classifier that is able to detect the different aspects mentioned on hotel reviews. With this aspect classifier, we were able to automatically know if a particular review was talking about cleanliness, comfort & facilities, food, Internet, location, staff and […]

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Aspect Analysis from reviews using Machine Learning

Analyzing hotel reviews — Part 2

Recently we walked you through on how to train a sentiment analysis classifier for hotel reviews using Scrapy and MonkeyLearn. This tutorial is a perfect example on how we can combine web scraped data and machine learning for discovering valuable insights about a particular industry.

With this model we were able to analyze millions […]

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Creating a sentiment analysis model with Scrapy and MonkeyLearn

Analyzing hotel reviews — Part 1

Data is everywhere. And in massive quantities. We are currently in an era of data explosion, where millions of tweets, articles, comments, reviews and the like are being published everyday.

Developers are taking advantage of the abundance of data and using things like web scraping to do all kinds of cool things. Sometimes web scraping is not […]

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Building a SEO tool with Machine Learning

A few weeks ago, Moz CEO Rand Fishkin approached MonkeyLearn team with a question which later turned into a project.

The goal was to build an online tool that provides great value to the SEO industry. Also, we wanted to showcase what can be developed with machine learning technologies by using MonkeyLearn.

The idea was to build a simple web […]

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Hacker News categorizer with MonkeyLearn

We are big fans of Hacker News here at MonkeyLearn. We read HN on a daily basis, but not all of us have the same interests; some are more interested news related to programming, and others are more interested in news related to startup and business.

So, what if we can read Hacker News but only see relevant news related […]

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Analyzing news headlines across the globe with Kimono and MonkeyLearn

Contributed by Pratap Ranade, co-founder at Kimono Labs.

The news is probably one of the first things you check in the morning, but how much does what you know and understand about the world depend on your news source? Will you view the world differently if you head over to CNN instead of BBC? Tools like […]

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Kimono + MonkeyLearn: sentiment analysis with machine learning and web scraped data

Update May 2016: Kimono has been adquired by Palantir and its cloud service has been discontinued. We have made a new post covering how to create a hotel reviews sentiment analysis model with Scrapy and MonkeyLearn, check it out here. 

New tools have enabled businesses of all sizes to understand how their customers are reacting to them – […]

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How to Create an Employment Analytics Visualization in Less Than 10 Minutes

Ever wondered which city has the most high tech jobs? Or recruitment openings? Will your career be better off in NYC or SF? Turns out you can answer these and many more questions by doing some simple data analysis. Using three awesome free tools (, MonkeyLearn and you can obtain, categorize and visualize […]

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