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MonkeyLearn Co-Founder & CEO. MSc. in Computer Science expert in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies. Previously Co-Founder and CTO at Tryolabs. He's been a University professor in Machine Learning since 2007. Author of "Learning scikit-learn: Machine Learning in Python".

Know your followers with Machine Learning

Tell me who your followers are and I tell you who you are.

You have lots of followers, congrats! You’re popular, maybe an influencer. But, do you actually know who’s following you?

If you have thousands of followers, that could be a tricky question to answer. Let’s use Machine Learning to try to answer that question.

MonkeyLearn’s Twitter […]

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A Gentle Guide to Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subfield within Artificial Intelligence that builds algorithms that allow computers to learn to perform tasks from data instead of being explicitly programmed.

Got it? We can make machines learn to do things! The first time I heard that, it blew my mind. That means that we can program computers to learn […]

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Sentiment Analysis APIs Benchmark

Sentiment analysis is a powerful example of how machine learning can help developers build better products with unique features. In short, sentiment analysis is the automated process of understanding if text written in a natural language (English, Spanish, etc.) is positive, neutral, or negative about a given subject. Nowadays, we have many instances where […]

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Kimono + MonkeyLearn: sentiment analysis with machine learning and web scraped data

Update May 2016: Kimono has been adquired by Palantir and its cloud service has been discontinued. We have made a new post covering how to create a hotel reviews sentiment analysis model with Scrapy and MonkeyLearn, check it out here. 

New tools have enabled businesses of all sizes to understand how their customers are reacting to them – […]

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